Google translation of Frie kaker

I have noticed from my statistics, that sometimes I have visitors performing google translation of entries on this blog. Hopefully the result is understandable, but a certain amount of guesswork is probably needed to understand part of what I have written. That is because the translator from Norwegian to English (or other languages for that sake) is not very good. I have noticed a number of strange translations, both of ingredients and of explanations, which renders the text incomprehensible.

For instance: Chick peas in Norwegian is kikerter (an ingredient often used in my recipes). However I have seen it translated to binoculars in my recipes, which is an alternative translation of the Norwegian word kikerter.

Also, glutenfri melblanding (or gluten free flour mix) is often used in this blog. Google translate can render this in English to “gluten mixture”, which is something quite different.

Finally, I noticed that whenever I use metric volumes (i.e. decilitre  or dl) google translate this into cups. This will give really wrong measurements, as a cup normally is at least 1.5 dl or perhaps even 2.5 dl depending on whether it is coffee cups, tea cups or american cups.

So, if you would like to try some fo the recipes in this blog, but is not a native Norwegian reader, please feel free to leave a comment, if you find that the google translation is too mysterious. I should be able to respond relatively quickly and clarify the issues. Your comments may be helpful also for others.

Blogentry by Anne Spurkland, first published 21th October 2013
Updated 30th March 2015

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  1. Binoculars would make an interesting cake, I am sure…(BTW, it wasn’t me “google translating” your recipes 🙂

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